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0101010 by Hans Banerjee
If I were a computer
I'd be full of bits and bytes,
When someone would turn me on -
I'd purr and blink my lights.

To keep me working all the time
I would need some food,
I'd feast on electrons -
Oh yes, they would taste so good!

I would be made of wires and switches
Microchips would be my brain,
If you would challenge me to chess -
I could beat you at your game.

I could do searches quickly
Like no human can,
I could do math in a heartbeat -
Even faster than Rain-Man!

I'd keep on working day and night
I'd never go to bed,
Until you'd turn me off -
Then I'd feel like I was dead.

The Bengali sponsored Navaratri at the Hindu Temple on October 16th.

Tri State Durga Puja

October 8th & 9th in Indianapolis

Pragati Picnic

Paragati Picnic will be held on September 22nd.

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